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So obviously I’ve been indulging in quite a bit of train travel recently, on my way to and from BBH.

One of the small pleasures of travelling in this way is having ‘dead time’, when you can forget about any stresses of the day, and simply relax. I like to use this time to listen to music, and catch up on the latest news by reading the many free newspapers on offer.

This has now become routine – Metro in the morning and Evening Standard on the way home.

BUT… when you’re running (literally) a bit late for the train, you sometimes don’t have the time to pick one up. You hope and pray that there’ll be a ruffled, old one lying on that last spare seat in the carriage – just for you. When there isn’t, I feel a certain sense of annoyance.

Now this is all very dull, but it raised an interesting question for me:

When I’m finished reading my newspaper, is it now more socially acceptable (and friendly) to leave it behind, rather than throw it in the bin?

To look at it in a fairly Dickensian manner, should I:

  • Dispose of an item that has used valuable resources to produce, and I have spent only 30 mins looking at – in a bin that I’m not even sure gets fully recycled?

– OR –

  • Allow a fellow traveller to expand their knowledge, discover new things, and alleviate some boredom?

I was always taught that if you use items such as this, it’s your responsibility to dispose of it; but now I am starting to feel a little uncomfortable when I take the newspaper with me when departing.

It’s interesting how human behaviour – specifically laziness – has bought about this new situation.

The question I pose is: TO DISPOSE or TO DISPERSE?


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